Widened Golden Triangle Boulevard Opening, Finally!

By | February 13, 2013

Officials say that an expanded four-lane Golden Triangle Boulevard in North Fort Worth is scheduled to open Thursday and Friday, following more than two years of construction and years of planning. And all I can say is, finally!

The old rural two-lane road stretching from I-35W to U.S. 377 has been a total disaster for as long as I remember. As a matter of fact, I’m almost positive I received some degree of brain damage traveling down that jarring road as a child. And it’s only gotten worse and more congested since then, especially with
multiple businesses opening up, and, more recently, a large hospital intended to serve most of the North Fort Worth area.  Due to all of this big development, I’m kind of surprised that this road hasn’t received any improvements since what were essentially the medieval times. But late is better than never!

Surprisingly, it looks like future growth is also being accounted for here–apparently, the wide median can be converted into another two lanes if needed. This main east-west North Fort Worth arterial joins Heritage Trace Parkway and North Tarrant Parkway, two roads which both have experienced immense growth over recent years, presumably because of the opening of the Alliance Town Center.

2 thoughts on “Widened Golden Triangle Boulevard Opening, Finally!

  1. Mr. Traveler

    Politics and red tape at it’s best. This was supposed to be completed in early 2010. The voters approved this bond issue way back in 2004! Let them pat themselves on their backs and say, “Job well done!”. I say the the voters remember how politics and contractors wheeled and dealed at the expense of those that travel down Golden Triangle.

    1. Scott Post author

      Reminds me of 407 in Flower Mound and Highland Village. It’s less than one and a half miles of road, but it’s taken longer than three years to upgrade it from two lanes to four lanes, and they’re still not finished. Meanwhile, much larger projects have been started and finished in a much shorter amount of time. For example, the extension of PGBT from I-30 to I-20. I can imagine it being kind of frustrating for the locals in some of these areas.


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